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Kantech Access Control Kits

Kantech Access Control Kits include everything you need to build your access control system, while our Expansion Kits provide the expandability your business may need in the future.

Kantech Door Controllers

Kantech door controllers meet the highest standards in the industry and give you the optimum in versatility and durability.

Kantech Door Locks

Besides exit control devices, Kantech offers electric door strikes and electromagnetic locks, which also play a vital part in access control. 

Kantech Exit Control Devices

Access control seems simple enough - you present a card and the door opens. But there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Exit control devices play an important part.

Kantech offers network communication devices including IP Link modules, converters, and modems - everything you need to secure entry and exit at your facilities. 

Kantech Telephone Entry System

The Kantech Telephone Entry System is an advanced visitor entry solution.

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