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Channel Vision A-BUS Cat5 Audio Equipment

Channel Vision’s A-BUS® audio and Cat5 multi-room home audio systems are designed for custom home audio distribution. The home audio accessories line includes single & multi-source home audio amplifiers, multi-zone home audio distribution via Cat5 wiring for easy-to-install whole-house audio and great sound quality at a reasonable price. The home audio accessories include the A-Bus audio dock for the iPod™, and the ABus audio amplifier keypad, making multiroom whole house audio systems complete.


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Channel Vision 24 vDC Power Supply (CV-AB-T2454)
MSRP: $64.00
Bulk CCTV Price: $35.20
Channel Vision AB-315 - iPod Dock for A-BUS System (CV-AB-315)
MSRP: $210.00
Bulk CCTV Price: $115.50
Channel Vision AB-134 - ABus Multi-Source Amplified Keypad
MSRP: $218.00
Bulk CCTV Price: $119.90
Channel Vision AB-904 - 4 Source, 4 Zone A-BUS Audio Matrix Kit
MSRP: $1,515.18
Bulk CCTV Price: $833.35
Subtotal: $0.00