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B.E.S. Miscellaneous Tools and Lights

B.E.S. Manufacturing produces high-quality, affordable installation tools and accessories for low-voltage applications. Bulk CCTV Store carries their entire line of FiberFish and GlowFish wire-pulling rods, drill bits, steel and fiberglass fishtape, and more!

B.E.S. Manufacturing’s tools are designed to make difficult installations easy, and impossible installations possible.  All B.E.S. products are manufactured in the USA.


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B.E.S. Drywall Protector Plate
MSRP: $10.35
Bulk CCTV Price: $9.32
B.E.S. High Intensity LED Headlight
MSRP: $24.95
Bulk CCTV Price: $22.46
Subtotal: $0.00