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GANZ ZCD5-NVT NVT Module 5000 Series Dome Cameras

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Works With:
5000 Series Ganz Dome
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GANZ ZCD5-NVT NVT Module 5000 Series Dome Cameras

Works With:


Digital Day/Night Models:
ZC-D5029NHAT WITH 2.9-8.2MM varifocal
ZC-D5212NHAT WITH 2.8-12MM varifocal
ZC-D5550NHAT WITH 5-50MM varifocal
True Day/Night Models:
ZC-DN5029NHAT WITH 2.9-8.2MM varifocal
ZC-DN5212NHAT WITH 2.8-12MM varifocal
ZC-DN5550NHAT WITH 5-50MM varifocal

Wiring Notes

Wire — The Dos
1. Do use point-to-point Unshielded Twisted Pair wire, gauge 24 or thicker, stranded or solid, Category 2, 3, 4, or 5.
2. The video signal may co-exist in the same wire bundle as other video, telephone, data, control signals, or low-voltage power.
3. Measure the wire distance.
Wire — The Don’ts
3. For safety, never put NVT signals in the same conduit as high-voltage wiring.
4. WARNING — to reduce a risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this product to rain or moisture.

Connecting Your Camera

1. Remove Cover as per your Mini Dome Camera Instruction Manual. Inside your camera, next to the Video output terminal you will see the NVT Twisted Pair module. The module is already preconnected to the coax output terminal.
2. Feed your twisted pair wire through the opening at the bottom of the camera body. Attach the twisted pair wires to the terminal block, observing wire color 0polarity.

Connecting the Monitor End

Possible Receiver Models:
N V-212A, NV-213A, NV-214-M, NV-652R, NV-413A, NV-452R, NV-813A, NV-862“X”, NV- 1613A, NV-1662“X”, NV-3213A or NV- 3262“ X”
1. Use the correct receiver for the measured wire distance.
2. If the receiver is a model NV-213A, NV- 6 5 2 R , N V-413A, N V-452R, NV-813A, NV-1613A or NV-3213A, connect the ground screw to the same ground as your other receive end equipment.
3. If the receiver is a model NV-652R, NV-452R, NV-862“X”, NV-1662“X” or NV-3262“X, connect power.
4. Connect your twisted-pair wire to the input of the receiver. Observe polarity. Torque to 5 in-lbs.
If the receiver is a model NV-652R, NV-452R, NV-862“X” or NC-3262“X” the green “Active” LED should have a steady light, indicating that video is present. A flickering light typically means that there is something wrong with the cabling.
5. Connect the baseband video signal from the receiver to the video monitor (or other video equipment, multiplexer, quad, etc.) using a 75ohm coax cable with a BNC connector.
6. Confirm that your monitor or other receiving equipment is correctly terminated with a single 75ohm terminator.
7. For best pictures using the NV-652R, NV- 4 5 2 R , NC-1662“X” or NC-3262 “X”, adjust the distance equalization controls.

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