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Kantech Bar Code Reader and Cards

The BC-301 Bar Code Reader uses inexpensive bar code cards and reads most common code formats, including Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC/EAN and Codabar.

Kantech Biometric and Smart Card Readers

Biometric readers are used to determine a person’s identity by detecting and matching the person’s physical features, such as fingerprints or hand geometry to a database.

Kantech Keypads

Keypads can be used to restrict entry to sensitive areas by requiring individuals to enter a code.

Kantech Mag-Stripe Card Readers

The POL-2 and POL-2KP magnetic stripe readers are the new generation of the popular Polaris series. Packed with new features, the Polaris-2 series provides the right combination of quality and reliability.

Kantech Multi-Technology Readers

Kantech Multi-Technology Readers provide a multi-protocol, multi-frequency solution that reads many technologies, including ioProx with Kantech XSF format.

Kantech Proximity Card Readers and Cards

Kantech proximity card readers and cards include ioProx, HID and ShadowProx. These readers provide reliable performance and can be installed in various indoor and outdoor environments.

Kantech Wiegand Readers and Cards

Wiegand readers are made of high impact, vandal and weather resistant materials. They offer flexibility, high reliability and security. 

Kantech Wireless Receiver and Transmitters

The ioProx 4-channel receiver and transmitters provide longer read range without comprising security.

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Kantech P40KEY - ioProx Keytag - XSF / 26-bit Wiegand (KT-P40KEY)

Kantech P40KEY - ioProx Card - XSF / 26-bit Wiegand

MSRP: $5.08
Bulk CCTV Price: $3.57
Kantech P20DYE - ioProx Card - XSF / 26-bit Wiegand (KT-P20DYE)

Kantech P20DYE - ioProx Card - XSF / 26-bit Wiegand

MSRP: $5.52
Bulk CCTV Price: $4.24
Subtotal: $0.00