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Nitek CAMUTP24 Multi Function Surge Protector RS422 UTP Power

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Bulk CCTV Price: $71.50
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CAMUTP24 UTP Camera, RS422 and 24VAC Surge Protector - Single Channel, Multi-Stage


The CAMUTP24 is a single channel, multi-function surge protector for unshielded twisted pair (UTP) video, RS422 twisted pair and the 24 VAC camera supply. The CAMUTP24 provides multi-stage surge protection to a single camera system and P/T/Z unit for each of these functions. The unit can be used at the camera or head end. The CAMUTP24 is ideally suited for outdoor cameras, where extreme protection on all signal connections is required. The unit has screw terminals at the input and output for connection to the UTP video and screw terminals at the inputs and outputs for connection to the RS422 and 12/24 VAC/DC power. The CAMUTP24 provides a heavy, single point ground connection and is easily installed in minutes.



  • Unique multi-stage design
  • Insertion loss < 0.2 dB
  • 2.8V clamping voltage
  • Multi-function - protects video, RS422 & camera power inputs
  • Heavy single point ground
  • Easy to install

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