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What is Siamese Cable?

Siamese cable is a combination cable that combines data and power transmission on a single cable. It is commonly used in surveillance, or cctv applications to allow for simpler and more organized cabling by allowing installers to run less wires. RG59 Siamese coaxial cables are perfect for cabling over large distances up to 1000 feet.

Another cost friendly solution is our siamese plug and play premade cables in lengths of 70, 100, and 160 ft. This cable isn't as heavily shielded as RG59, so it shouldn't be used in applications where the cable runs near or over power lines or fluorescent lights as they can cause interference in the signal.


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MSRP: $19.99
Bulk CCTV Price: $13.99
CCTV Premade Security Cable - 160ft
MSRP: $29.99
Bulk CCTV Price: $24.72
1000ft Siamese cable RG6/U+18/2 Power/Video (WIRE-RG6/182-1000-BK)
MSRP: $289.00
Bulk CCTV Price: $209.00
1000ft Spool Plenum RG59 Siamese Cable
MSRP: $619.99
Bulk CCTV Price: $412.95
Subtotal: $0.00