Channel Vision Intercom Systems & Door Stations

Custom Home Intercom Systems by Channel Vision are designed with a whole-house CAT5 intercom system, for room to room communication, using the existing phones in the house.

The easy to install front door intercom system and front door entry system allows you to talk to the visitor at the front door from any telephone in the house, and see them through a built in camera. In addition, our high quality door stations give home communications a new "high class" appeal.

Protect yourself and loved ones with a phone intercom system to talk to the person before opening the front door. Simple installation, use the 2 wires from the doorbell which is wired to a transformer that is typically located in the garage. Now wire those to the location of the incoming phone line which is also typically located in the garage. Place our controller where they intersect along with the supplied transformer and every phone in the house including your wireless phone can speak to the person at the front door. A front door entry system with our optional door strike release will allow you to open the door or gate by pressing a number on your phone to allow a person you know enter without ever leaving the comfort of your couch.

Front Door Intercom systems provide communication between the front door and any phone in the house. When a visitor presses the doorbell button the phones in the house will ring with a distinctive telephone ring. The home owner can then speak to the person at the front door by answering any ringing telephone in the home.



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