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Preferred Power Products P3 P3PC-5

MSRP: $54.00
Bulk CCTV Price: $37.80

5 Outputs
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Preferred Power Products P3 P3PC-5

1 in 5 Output Power Distribution Board



The P3PC-5 multiple output power distribution module converts one (1) power limited DC voltage input into five (5) power limited outputs. 

Each output can be used for a variety of access control devices which include Mag locks, electric strikes, magnetic door holders, etc.  Outputs switch together and will operate in both fail-safe and fail-secure modes.  Activation is achieved through normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) supervised input or the polarity reversal from an FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel).  A form “C” dry output relay will enable HVAC shutdown, elevator recall or can be used to trigger auxiliary devices. 


Features / Specifications 

  • Five (5) individual power limited outputs. 
  • Individual LED’s indicate presence of power at each output. 
  • NFPA72 compliant. 
  • 12VDC or 24VDC operation. 
  • Class 2 outputs. 
  • Current limit is 2.5Amps @ 12VDC or 24VDC per output
  • Power and input trigger LED’s
  • Interfaces with most DC power supplies
  • Fire alarm panel or access control system trigger input
  • Power fail supervision relay (Form “C” contact rated 1AMP @ 28VDC/115VAC)
  • Board dimensions:  5.125” (L) x  3.375” (W) x .875 ’  (H)
  • Lifetime warranty


Install Instructions


NOTE:  All installations to be performed by a qualified personal in accordance with NEC and local codes


1. Connect the DC of the power supply to the terminals marked [- DC input +] carefully observing polarity. 

2.  Connect door strikes (fail-secure) positive to terminals marked [1 thru 5 Pos. (+) DC Output (Alarm)] and negative to [NEG. 1’ thru ‘NEG. 5]. 

3.  Connect door holders (fail-safe) positive to terminals marked [6 thru 10 Pos. (+) DC Output (Stand-by)] and negative to [NEG. 1’ thru NEG. 5]. 

4. To trigger the P3PC-5 from a FACP, connect signaling circuit of FACP to inputs marked [NEG. (-)] and [POS. (+)] input. Polarity is shown in alarm condition. Put wires coming to each terminal on different sides of the screw. 

5. To trigger the P3PC-5 using a supervised dry contact, connect the 2.2K Ohm resistor in series for a N.C. trigger input or parallel for N.O. trigger input. 

6. Connect the auxiliary devices that are to be triggered by the P3PC-5 to the terminals marked [N.O. & C] for normally open outputs and terminals marked N.C. & C for normally closed output.  NOTE: This relay will   energize when the P3PC-5 is triggered. 

7.  Connect trouble reporting device to the terminals marked [Power Fail]. Connect to the N.O. & C for normally open or [N.C.& C] for normally closed output.  NOTE: This relay will switch when power is lost to the P3PC-5.


Product Downloads:


 P3PC-5 Spec Sheet


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